Every Ball Counts

Every Ball Counts

Junior Player Assessment

The Every Ball Counts® assessment allows junior golfers to compare their skills against the PGA Tour.

  • The assessment enables junior golfers to identify where they stand in the 19 golf skills attributed to scoring.

  • These 19 skills are the same skills identified by the PGA Tour Shot Link statistics as essential for scoring.

  • Players will see their results for each skill and how they compare to any position on the PGA Tour rankings.

  • Skill comparisons can be made with any PGA Tour Player.

  • Results are shown in Scoring Average and Strokes Gained.

  • Players will see their results and understand how a change in a skill set will reduce their scoring average and handicap.

  • With the assessment results a player and coach have a baseline measurement and a precise roadmap to lower scores.

  • Leading US college teams are now looking at recruits who have taken the EBC Assessment as it shows exactly how players score. They view it as the “SAT score” as it compares players against the PGA Tour.

  • To book an assessment e-mail: nl@nickylumb.com

Since I’ve started working with the EBC team my overall game has improved allowing me to reach the winners circle. This training method gets immediate results for golfers at any level. I can only imagine how much further along I’d be if I had the chance to learn this system as a junior.” Kevin Streelman – PGA Tour Winner