Every Ball Counts

Every Ball Counts

Tour Player Assessment

The Every Ball Counts® assessment allows players to compare their skills against the PGA Tour.

  • The assessment enables players to identify where they stand in the 19 golf skills attributed to scoring.

  • These 19 skills are the same skills identified by the PGA Tour Shot Link statistics as essential for scoring.

  • Players will see their results for each skill and how they compare to any position on the PGA Tour rankings.

  • Skill comparisons can be made with any PGA Tour Player.

  • Results are shown in Scoring Average and Strokes Gained.

  • Players will see their results for specific skills and understand how a change in that skill set will reduce their scoring average and increase their earnings.

  • With the assessment results a player and coach have a baseline measurement and a precise roadmap to lower scores.

  • To book an assessment e-mail: nl@nickylumb.com