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Dr Nicky Lumb

Golf Practice Coach / Golf Performance Coach / PGA Golf Professional

Dr Nicky Lumb is a leading expert in golf practice and how practice can optimise performance.

With a PhD in Optimising Practice for Peak Performance, Nicky specialises in golf practice, skill development and performance, and helps golfers of all levels including tour professionals and elite amateurs to practice efficiently, so they can play their best golf on the golf course, when they are competing.

Don’t put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the further you get.

Michael Phelps


Dr Nicky Lumb is a leading expert in golf practice and performance and has a PhD in Optimising Practice for Peak Performance in Professional Golf from the University of the West of England, as well as an MSc in Sports Coaching where she specialised in Elite Performance.

Nicky is also a PGA Golf professional, ASQ Level 3 Golf Coach, Golf Machine Authorised Instructor (GSEB), TPI Level 3 Certified Golf Fitness Professional, TPI Level 3 Junior Performance Coach, NLP practitioner, and Trackman Level 2 Coach to name just a few of her additioanl qualifications. This enables her as a golf practice and performance specialist to complement the work of her clients’ swing coaches and fitness professionals. Over the last few years, Nicky has coached and travelled all over the world to gain an extensive knowledge and understanding of elite performance, and she firmly believes that every golfer can always get better!

In 2018, Nicky presented some of her research into golf practice and performance at the World Scientific Congress of Golf (Abbortsford, Canada), and at the World Golf Fitness Summit (Orlando, Florida).  

If you refuse to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.

Learning to Learn Learning to Learn

Learning to Learn

Many instructional books suggest achieving a specific swing technique will increase your golfing ability, whilst many sports psychology books describe the mind-set required to play at your best. However, most of this information tells you what to do, but does not tell you how to do it.


By learning to learn through specifically designed practice and performance programmes, Nicky will help you to develop your skills, so that you reap the rewards during your tournament rounds.

Dr Nicky Lumb - Golf Practice Expert - Golf Practice Specialist

It isn't the hours you put into practice that count, it is the way you spend those minutes.

Tony Lema
Golf Practice Golf Practice

Golf Practice

Outstanding performances don’t just happen. They are the result of effective learning and practice.

How a golfer plays on the golf course is the result of how they practice, and 


Most golfers take it for granted that they know how to practice, yet practice is massively misunderstood, and most players practice in a way that limits their ability to improve. Often for all a player’s efforts, they show little or no improvement, or they enjoy increased success on the driving range, but rarely see this skill level transferred onto the course. This is because all types of practice are not equal. 


This means you can hit fewer balls and spend less time practicing, and play much better on the golf course, OR spend the same amount of time practicing, and be even better! By understanding the science and art of proper practice, Nicky will enable you to differentiate yourself from others, so that you spend your time efficiently and correctly developing your skills, so that you enjoy great improvements where it matters most, on the golf course, whilst you are competing.

Dr Nicky Lumb - Golf Practice Management - Golf Practice Expert - Golf Practice Specialist

Don’t lower your expectations to meet your performance. Raise your level of performance to meet you expectations

Ralph Marston
Golf Performance Golf Performance

Golf Performance

Performance is largely dependent on effective learning, and the efficient execution of skills, whilst peak performance is a state of superior functioning resulting in personal bests, and outstanding achievement. By integrating the art and science of learning, skill acquisition and peak performance, Nicky assists golfers in consistently playing and performing closer to their optimum level.

Dr Nicky Lumb - Golf Performance Management - Golf Practice Expert - Golf Practice Specialist

If you're not testing, you're guessing....

Every Ball Counts

Every Ball Counts

We're playing golf, but no one can see what's really going on until now.....

Every Ball Counts is the world’s first science and data driven assessment and is used by PGA Tour, Web.com, Mini tour and LPGA players in order to see where they need to lower their score.

The EBC Assessment is the most thorough player assessment and skill set evaluation in golf. It takes between 5 and 6 hours to complete and costs £750.

I don’t believe in luck. Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.

Programs Programs


Every golfer is unique with varying strengths and weaknesses. By using a comprehensive framework that incorporates the latest and most up to date research findings, bespoke golf performance and golf practice programmes that integrate the art and science of learning are specifically designed for each individual. These are devised according to a player’s skill level, performance characteristics, and time schedule, and will help golfers to work effectively towards enhancing their performances and achieving their goals and golfing ambitions.

Golf performance coaching sessions are available on an hourly, half-day, daily or weekly basis. Golf performance programmes and Golf practice plans can also be written so that players can practice in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Words may inspire but only actions create change.

Simon Sinek


Dr Nicky Lumb is a leading expert in golf practice and performance, and believes you can 'always get better.' If you want to play your best golf during your tournament rounds, then contact Nicky for more information.

Nicky is based in Bristol, UK, and travels all over the world to work with clients. She is also available for Skype consultations and writes golf performance programs and golf practice plans for clients.  

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